The Wasteland Pirate’s Cutlass



Overall Length: 33″
Blade Length: 26″
Handle Length: 7”
Surface Finish: Rough Polished


Blade: Carbon Steel
Handle: Bicycle Chain, Motorcycle Chain, Mild Steel, Oak, Steel Wire




The Pirate’s Cutlass from the Faraway Forge YouTube Channel.  The blade is forged from high carbon spring steel and the handle is made from welded roller chain. This is one of those wonderful projects that takes on a bit of a life of it’s own as I progress through the build. My original plan morphed and changed during the process and I’m even more pleased with the final piece than I expected to be.

Check out the making of this piece on my YouTube Channel here!

NOTE: All YouTube builds are one-off pieces; if you want this blade this is your one and only chance. I am not currently accepting commissions for these pieces.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All of the pieces that I create on my YouTube channel are to be considered artwork.  Many of these pieces are extremely fragile.  Please treat them with care.

YOUTUBE BUILDS DISCLAIMER. The items (“YouTube builds”) as represented on Faraway Forge’s respective YouTube Channel, known as Faraway Forge, and made available for sale on the Website, are solely artistic representations, or art pieces, and serve no other purpose, and shall not be used as functional tools or weapons under any circumstances. The pieces will be delivered in the exact condition as seen in the associated YouTube video. Evidently, many of these pieces are extremely fragile and require proper handling and care at all times in order to preserve their artistic value.

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