7.5″ Chef’s Cleaver in Mahogany



Overall Length: 13”
Blade Length: 7.5”
Handle Length: 5.5”
Maximum Spine Thickness: 1/8”
Surface Finish: Darkened


Blade: 440C High Carbon Stainless Steel
Handle: Mahogany, Brass



This cleaver is more than what it appears to be at first glance; one should think of it as more of a chef’s knife that happens to be in the shape of a cleaver rather than a full on cleaver. With it’s thin, refined double bevel blade geometry it is much more suited to precise and delicate kitchen work than hacking through bones.

The knife is crafted from 440C stainless steel for great corrosion resistance. The knife has a full tang handle for durability with walnut scales and brass pins.

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